Cheyne is currently in: Yosemite Valley

Lucky Monkey – A Short Film >

Solo On The Salathe >

Here is some raw footage from a longer short film that will be completed in the next few weeks. I share some words about my experience soloing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.


Location: El Chalten, Argentina

The Never Ending Wall >

Dave and I looked over our shoulders to find Fitz Roy not only towering over us, but everything else in sight. It is significantly larger than any of the mountains in the massif, and the east aspect features one of the biggest and continuous big walls in the world. Gazing up at the wall trying [...]

Location: Patagonia

Viva Patagonia – First Ascent >

The mountain wanted to devour me, and hold me in its stomach forever. This route was going to be the longest climb of my life.

buena loco-1

Location: El Chalten, Argentina

Buena Loco >

A short 12-hour weather window eased our festering in town since no one has climbed in the mountains throughout past three weeks due to bad weather.

alpine brotherhood-2

Location: El Chalten, Argentina

The Alpine Brotherhood >

Within the first week of being in Patagonia, an incredible weather window allowed me to climb one of the longest routes in Patagonia; The Care Bear Traverse.

Franco Argentine-9

Location: El Chalten, Argentina

Illustrating reality >

A new series of stories and imagery begins with a season spent in one of the most wild places in the world; Patagonia.

Location: Patagonia

Viva Patagonia – To Be Continued >

Two solid months spent in El Chalten with unusually good weather allowed me to exponentially gain experience as a young alpine climber.

Location: Patagonia

Viva Patagonia : Chapter 4 >

The Fourth Installment in my “Viva Patagonia” Series.

Location: Patagonia

Viva Patagonia : Chapter 3 >

The third chapter in my “Viva Patagonia” Series

Location: Patagonia

Viva Patagonia : Chapter 2 >

After 24 hours on 3 airplanes and 50 hours on 3 busses, I finally found myself in Patagonia. I feel blessed to be able to call El Chalten, Argentina home for two months.

Location: Patagonia

Viva Patagonia : Chapter 1 >

Uploaded and edited in route to Argentina.